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Northern Kentucky Convention Center
1 West Rivercenter Blvd.
Covington, KY 41011

Food & Drink On Site
Food may be purchased directly outside the Hub.  Inside the Hub there will be tables, chairs, and a big screen to view the live webcast.  You can stay on site and eat without missing the competition.  No food or drinks, other than water in a closed container, are allowed in the contest hall.

Nearby Restaurants
Both of our hotels have great restaurants and there are numerous restaurants within walking distance of the hotels and the convention center.  Visit​ for more information.

Cell Phones & Electronics
In order to ensure silence during the performances, please silence cell phones and other electronic equipment when you are in the contest hall.  Please refrain from using cell phones and other electronic equipment in the contest hall.  Texting during the competition may be a disturbance to your neighbors.  Please do not text, tweet, or post any scores or placements until after all awards are officially announced.

Because we have an exclusive contract with Read Photography, no photography of any kind is allowed in the competition hall.  This includes still and video photography, cell phone cameras and video recorders with or without flash, unless sanctioned by HHR4.  Please make sure all of your friends and family in attendance know about this rule.

Big Screen Ads & Shout Outs
Want to send good wishes to competitors during the contest?  Would you like to advertise your booth in the Hub or other products and services to HHR4?  Submit a Big Screen Ad or Big Screen Shout Out.