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Lura Nightlinger
Chair Regional Convention
[email protected]


Natalie Allen
RMT Events Coordinator
[email protected]


 Donna Ebelhar
Competition Coordinator
[email protected]


Jamie Kamine
Competition Coordinator Assistant
[email protected]


Liz Sabo Johnson
RMT Communications Coordinator
[email protected]


Beverly Miller
RMT Finance Coordinator
[email protected]


Carolyn Kolarik
Official Panel Liaison (OPL)


MK Sewell-Loftin
OPL Assistant


Ruth Getler
Stage Manager


Paige Dodson
Assistant Stage Manager


Nancy Appel
Big Screen Chair


Susie Fintz
Awards Chair


Lisa Whitaker
HUB Chair


Kim Calland
Webcast Chair


Elaine Deutsch
Registration Chair


Jan Seales
Four Score Chair