This annual award is presented to a Region 4 Sweet Adeline who has made outstanding contributions to her chorus and/or the Region in a Leadership capacity.  Bev Miller was an exemplary model of leadership for the many years that she served this organization. We want to continue to honor exemplary leaders in Bev’s memory.

In order to qualify for this award, a candidate must be:

·       Innovative

·       A Visionary

·       A Risk Taker

·       A contributor to growth and development of leaders

·       A motivating force

             ·       Someone who inspires and helps people believe in themselves

Nominations must be in writing, 200 words or less, in windows or pdf. format, and signed by not less than two (2) members of the nominees chorus and/or a Regional representative. The RMT may also submit a nomination for this award.

The award is presented at the HHR4 Regional Convention.

Past Award Recipients -

2020 - Lori Petrucciani, One Voice Chorus

2021 - Fran Furtner, Cincinnati Sound Chorus

2022 - Angie Asher, Cincinnati Sound Chorus

2023 - Sally Stark, Columbus Chorus

2024 - Sue Pelley, One Voice, White River Sound, HHR4 RMT

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