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When is the Chorus briefing?
The quartet briefing will start at 8:45 PM on Thursday, April 2nd.   We suggest Directors and Chorus leaders also attend the Official Inspection to hear and/or participate in the mic-testing chorus that will start at 7:00 PM.  More information on the briefing can be found here.

Will there be a walk-through of the chorus pattern?

How do we handle riser chairs?
Riser chairs (of any description) must be brought to the contest hall by Friday evening.   Whoever will be positioning the chairs on the risers during the competition needs to meet with the Competition Coordinator after the chorus briefing.  A rehearsal of placing and removing the chairs needs to be completed Friday evening.  Chairs may be left in the back-stage area. 

What about special needs?
If any of your members have special needs (can't climb stairs, use a wheel chair, use a riser chair, etc) please be sure to note that on the Regional Chorus Registration.  This information will be consolidated into a list  and a copy of this list is provided to the pattern chair, the pre-stage area chair, and the on-stage crew.  It really helps for all of them to know what is coming next.

Are there restrooms available in the chorus pattern?
Restrooms are located in the hallway outside of the chorus warm-up rooms and adjacent to the pre-stage area.

Where does the chorus pattern start?
Chorus Pattern will start in the Lobby of the Marriott or the Embassy based on the preference of your chorus leadership. 

What is the pre-stage area?
The pre-stage area is a section of the Event Center II exhibition hall that is adjacent to the contest hall, separated by an air wall.  Restrooms are in the adjacent hallway.  Water, mirrors, hair spray, tissues, etc. will be available in the pre-stage area.  Convention Hostesses will collect personal items here and have them waiting as each competitor exits the stage area.  There will be room for the chorus to line-up in the pre-stage area.  There will be a coat rack and dressing room in the pre-stage area for dual members competing with multiple choruses.  Please be as quiet as possible; you will be able to hear the competitor who is on stage.

What to do with personal items while on stage?
Each competitor is responsible for bringing a gallon size ziplock bag for the pattern.  All personal belongings must fit into one ziplock bag.  Bags should have your name and chorus listed on the outside, with your AET easily visible inside.

When will chorus photos be taken?
Official photos will be taken on stage.  Candid photos will be taken during the performance and will be available through this website 30 days after competition.

How does a chorus enter and exit the stage?
From the pre-stage area, a Convention Assistant will escort the competitor down a hallway to the door to the stage.  The Stage Crew will welcome competitors to the stage at the top of the ramp.  Choruses will enter the stage through a set of curtains from Stage Right.  The stage lights will be dim as the chorus is positioned on the risers.  When the chorus is ready, the Director will nod to the Stage Crew.  When the judges are ready, the emcee will go to the podium.  As the emcee says the name of the chorus, the lights on stage will come up to full strength.  There will not be a curtain in front of the risers.   At the end of the performance, after the director accepts applause, the lights will be dimmed, and the chorus will exit the stage on Stage Left (walking towards the podium and then through the side curtains).  The Stage Crew will escort the chorus to the exit ramp.

What does a Chorus do after competing?
The stage exit door at the foot of the exit ramp will take competitors into a hallway that leads to the main lobby of the Northern Kentucky Convention Center.   A Convention Hostess will be waiting here with your personal items.  The entrance to the contest hall will be immediately to the right.  The food court and the Hub will be to the right just past the contest hall.  Restrooms are just past the Hub and food court.  The Director and/or President/Team Leader will be escorted by a Contest Hostess to the webcaster desk located in the back of Event Center I. The webcasters will interview you, and this is your opportunity to say hello to family and friends who are watching the webcast.

What happens at the end of the Chorus Contest?
The emcee will announce the Regional Award winners.  Then the Judging Panel chair will be introduced to the audience and will announce the international awards.  Directors and Presidents/Team Leaders of award winning choruses will be invited to the stage coming up the steps in front of Stage Right (from the audience's perspective, go to the left of the stage).  After receiving an award, the recipients should turn around and exit Stage Right.  The last international award is the first place chorus.  Our out-going champion chorus will present medals on stage to the new first place chorus.  It is our practice that at center stage the out-going champion director presents a trophy and medal to the new champion director and the out-going president/team leader presents a medal to the new champion president/team leader. The first place chorus will take the stage, using the ramp on Stage Right (from the audience, go to the left of the stage).  Usually, the director makes a few comments and the chorus sings one acceptance song.  The director will then direct everyone in How We Sang Today.  This ends the competition.