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This page is for the Chapter AET Chair who is purchasing all AET's for their chapter.

To submit this form, first download and complete the chapter spreadsheet here.  Please rename file with your chapter name as noted.

All competitors are required to purchase an AET and must have their AET's with them to be admitted into the competition hall.  The deadline for purchasing an AET is 2/29/20 with no late fee.  The deadline for purchasing an AET with a late fee of $5/ticket is 3/20/20.  AET's will not be sold on site.   Anyone purchasing tickets at the event will receive wristbands, not AET's.

AET's are transferable but not refundable.

AET's will be picked up at the HHR4 table at the Hub.

If you have already submitted and need to add name, please create and submit a new file with only the new names.  ​Do not re-submit the same names to the region in a second file, just add the new ones.

When you click on the form linked below, you will be prompted to log in to a Google account.  If you do not have a Google account, please email Jeanne Delahunty.  We are using Google Forms in 2020 due to user feedback and issues experienced with other website forms in 2019.

Click Here To Submit Your AET Form!

After you submit this form, you will be directed to our store, where you can pay for your chapter AET's.

On that page, select the type of AET you are ordering (Member, Youth, Non-Member) and then change the quantity to the correct total for your chapter.  Then click add to cart.

Repeat as necessary until you have selected all AET's needed for your chapter.  The amount in your cart after you enter quantities for all types of AET should match your chapter spreadsheet.

Be sure to add Chapter Name in PayPal checkout comments.