International and Regional Registration

2. CHORUS CHECKLIST to ensure you have completed all of the registration steps.


WHO: President/Team Leader for chorus. Only one contact.

WHAT: Enter the Chorus for Competition with Sweet Adelines International.  If a chorus has to withdraw,
a written withdrawal notice must be received at International headquarters. This may be by email.  A phone call is not sufficient.

WHERE: Competition Registration with Sweet Adeline International - Link to SAI required forms Choruses here                                                                                      (Sign into your Sweet Adeline Member Account to access the forms.)

WHEN: Registration Open December 8, 2023, registration deadline without penalty is January 22, 2024.

International Draw for order of appearance is January 29, 2024.

  • $200 by January 22, 2024 for choruses. 
  • An extended deadline with additional $100 late fee is February 6, 2024 for choruses.

WHY: Choruses must provide information to Sweet Adelines International to register

NEXT STEP: Regional Chorus Registration


WHO: President/Team Leader for chorus. Only one contact.

WHAT:  Register the Chorus with the Region for Regional Contest  Information includes director name, director novice status and final pose,
Song Assessment Approval Date, Competition Option including Evaluation or Open Division by Video Recording, chorus requested rehearsal
time and location, any special needs, and a chorus contact for contest weekend.

WHERE: Register Here with the Required Chorus information

WHEN:  No charge if completed by January 22, 2024.  Late registration with $25 fee is February 6, 2024.    

WHY: Competitors must provide details needed for judging and the contest process.

Note: AET's are not transferable

5.Chorus Housing Form to Be Completed by Chorus Team Leader/Presidents or designee.

Chorus President/Team Leader: To eliminate the challenges many had last year booking rooms we are making
some changes to the process this year. We are asking that each chorus have a Housing Representative which
will be your chorus’s contact for all things housing. Your Housing representative will work directly with
Lura, who will then work with the Hotels. Please email your chorus Housing Representative name and
contact information to Lura Nightlinger as soon as possible.


Chorus All Event Ticket Form      (Click to download form)

WHO: President/Team Leader for Chorus.Only one contact.

WHAT: Confirmation and New Reservation for All Event Ticket

  • Name Badge Confirmation - for those members who paid with their annual assessment.
  • New Member Reservation- for those new members after the annual assessment.
  • Chorus Guest Reservation - for those chorus guest that would like an All Events Ticket.

WHEN: February 16, 2024 Deadline

Where: Chorus AET Submission Form

WHY: To ensure correct name badges to be picked up at chorus briefing.

7. Competition Photos
8. Open Division Cue Sheet - Form (Only required if in Open Division)


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