SAI Governance Vote Update

A note from your Regional Executive Committee:

Good Morning!

I think most of you were aware that our entire organization was asked to cast one ballot per region on whether or not SAI continues with the Regional Governance Model.  Our region has been operating under the model for the past two years.  Region 4’s vote was unanimously in favor of continuing.

Unfortunately there needed to be a 2/3rds majority vote for continuing with this program the vote ended up in a 12/12 tie.  (See this letter from Patti Cobb Baker.)

For Region 4, this means that over the next few months we will be transitioning back to the RMT governance model.  Natalie, Sue, and Marsha (your current Region Executive Committee) will be meeting – face to face – in February to work on our future plans. We also have several conference calls scheduled with SAI, as they work to assist us in recreating our RMT.

While we were disappointed in the outcome of this vote…onward we go!  One thing is for sure – Region 4 is a region of strong women, who are willing to step in and offer their talent and leadership. 

We look forward to our bright future together!

Sue Pelley, Regional Administrative Director

Natalie Allen, Regional Education Director

Marsha Leistner, Regional Membership Director