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Sweet Adelines International requires that only copyright-cleared music be sung at regional competitions.  If you have a medley of songs, you must include the information about each song, no matter how short the excerpt.  Do not presume any song is in the public domain; check to be certain.  If you are singing a parody, you must have the written permission of the composer(s) or the copyright holders to make these changes.  If you are singing a parody, please send written permission from the composer(s) for performing the song.  

Performances will be recorded and included in the live webcast, which will be archived and accessible for two months after the competition.  Donations for the webcast will be used for the educational programs of Harmony Heartland Region 4 and not for the profit of competitors.

By submitting the Quartet and Chorus Registration form, competitors attest:

  • They have obtained appropriate clearance permission for the arrangements they plan to sing.
  • The competitors are members in good standing with Sweet Adelines International and with Harmony Heartland Region 4.
  • All rights to fees, commissions, royalties or profits received as the result of the distribution sale or lease of the recordings or webcast in any form are assigned to Harmony Heartland Region 4.